Fulwood is an expansive, leafy suburb located to the west of Broomhill and Crookes as well as the centre of the city itself. Unlike these two suburbs, however, Fulwood is an tranquil, affluent area populated predominantly by families and professionals who crave a low-key residential atmosphere. Its close proximity to the Peak District as well as its numerous 19th century listed buildings make Fulwood a desired suburb for many Sheffield residents. 

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The Neighbours

Families, First Year Students from the University of Shefifeld (in Endcliffe Village)



Real estate prices in Fulwood are significantly higher than the city average. The average value of a Fulwood home currently reaches £300,000. Rent in Fulwood on the other hand is comparatively less expensive than rent paid closer to the city centre -- a two-bedroom apartment for example will set you back about £800 pcm in the Fulwood area.



This area has a relatively scarce selection of schools -- Nether Green Infant School is one of the only schools in the area. This means that Fulwood residents often have to travel to other parts of their school catchment area for access to schools, something that could possibly be a nuisance in the long-term. 

Entertainment and Leisure


The most vibrant part of Fulwood is the Ranmoor area. In particular, Fulwood Road and its surrounds it are home to a number of excellent bars and pubs offering a number of great casual eating and drinking options. If you happen to be more interested in a fine dining experience, Fulwood also has a number of fantastic gastronomic options. Rafters, for instance, is rated as one of the best restaurants in Sheffield.